Patience: I want it now!

“Too often we pray to have patience, but we want it right now!”

This is a quote by Elder Robert D. Hales and it is so true!

Little by little

It is ironic that we are often impatient to be patient. We may ask God to bless us with patience, expecting it to come in a pretty box with a ribbon and free 2-day shipping. But, like most things in life, patience is something you learn with time, not something you gain overnight. I’m not saying that it can’t come overnight because God is a god of miracles, but I believe that He often teaches us little by little. Today He helps us be patient with one family member. Tomorrow He helps us be patient with another family member. With time we are able to be patient with everyone and everything! It is a process.

Love is patient

I’m grateful for Christ and that He is patient with all of us. I believe that it is His love for us that makes Him patient with us. As our love for others increases, our ability to be patient increases.

So, next time you feel upset that something isn’t going your way, remember that it could just be that God is allowing you to learn patience :)

I Know Christ Lives

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Thanks for reading and thanks for believing in Christ. Let’s help each other live as He would have us live!